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Music Making Around The Shire

Hello everybody!
I have been thrilled to hear some of the music that has been played at home over the last few weeks. It has been very heart warming to hear recordings of Class 2 students playing recorder and making up tunes and to receive some wonderful compositions by Class 6 students, excellently notated and played . It really makes my day! I also heard a great story of one student working out how to play Happy Birthday on the recorder for his mum’s birthday. The joys of music in the home! I look forward to hearing more of your music next week.

Wishing you all many wonderful songs and fun singing together. Here is a song for our whole community to sing, to bring us together at this time. It would be lovely to know we are all singing it in our homes. We will all sing it when we all get back again. Click the image above to hear the song and download the words and the chords here for those who play an instrument. Happy singing!

Much love

Year 8 Art

Students are creating stop frame animations. Here is a picture of a set for animation. Time creating is so important as it allows students to use their imagination and create with their heart and hands utilising colour and form. They are also encouraged to draw portraits and figure drawings of themselves and their families.
Vatika Gow Art Teacher

Year 8 Textiles

Students are working on their tops to go with the pants they were making at school and also assignments on cotton, sustainable fashion and early indigenous textiles and weaving. They are also encouraged to make do extra handwork- embroidery, making soft sculptures. A great time to be enjoying the many possibilities of creating with textiles! Vatika Gow Textiles Teacher


Class 6 are studying Geology in their current main lesson and have been appreciating the wonders of the Earth by collecting and observing rocks and finding out how our local landscape was formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Last week they had an Art lesson with Eleni and created a fiery image of Mt Vesuvius. What a dramatic imagining of how Wollumbin (Mt Warning) itself was created. Matthew Reynolds Class 6 Teacher

Easter Activity

This could be a lovely activity for families to do in preparation for Easter – natural dyed eggs with plant dyes, flowers and leaves. Click the image above to Find out more

Maths delivery via my home study

It is a small world I live in now delivering maths lessons to Year 7-12 from my study but it seems to be going OK. Year 7 are engaging each morning in their Main Lesson and really seem to be enjoying the connectivity with their peers and their teacher. Lessons are running to the timetable and include some live video instruction where students can ask questions as I am teaching like in the normal classroom. Live lessons are being recorded and the recordings are available to students on their Google Classroom should they have missed access to the live lesson. I have really appreciated the respect that students are showing in the online classrooms and thank them for that. I encourage them to continue with their positive approach to lessons and to attend as they would if school were still operating from Ewingsdale.

Andy Robinson High School Maths Teacher


To my amazing teachers and guardians,
I would like to express my enormous gratitude to each and every one of you for all the hard work and hours put into making this transition online seamless for us and for supporting us in all ways that you can. In these uncertain times, you have all gone above and beyond and I know that everyone in Year 11 recognises this too.
Thank you for always remaining cheerful and helping the mood of the class on our video chats and for always repeating where to find a link even after 5 people have asked it! Thank you from all of us!
Meira Violet

Food Tech Elective

Students have been making a variety of dishes based on themes of Mexican and Indian foods. They have also been cooking cakes and cookies and hot cross buns. I have been very happy to see how Food Tech at home can bring nourishment to the students and their families. Lot’s of experimentation with new recipes and fantastic results!

Hi from Class 2

Class 2 and I have been engaging in some delightful story telling about the animals that live in our local environment. Slick the WIllie Wagtail, Deep Diver the Sea turtle and Curly the Eel have all been working with the other animals in their community to help each other and share tales with each other to help pass the time. It has been beautiful to share my stories through recordings with the children and keep that beautiful element of my teaching alive for us all. Class 2 and I definitely enjoy hearing these original stories that often address the woes of the world around them. Here are some pictures of their work. James Deefholts, Class 2 Teacher.