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Start using the School app

This is the first in a series of How-to posts where we will be providing tips to Parents to help get the most out of the new school app. Earlier this Term we rolled out our new School app. Basically this is a piece of software that can be run on a smart phone or […]

Missing emails?

Some parents have reported that they are not receiving all email communications from the school. If you have confirmed that we have the correct email address on file, and that emails are being sent to you (we can check a log of outgoing emails) the issue could be with your email filters. An email client […]

Easter at home

Easter in Rose Kindy Easter Hare, Easter Hare come into my garden. Hop, hop, hop, I’ve not got time to stop. Easter on its way you know. Gifts for all I have to go! Hop, hop, hop The children of Rose Kindy continue to share the magic of Kindergarten in their homes. As our term […]

Projects at Home

Make a possum box While you have extra time at home you might like to make something useful for your local wildlife. What about a bird or a possum box? Some children in Class 6 took the opportunity to construct a possum box. Many of you will be familiar with the nesting boxes around the […]

Who are the Teachers Pets of CBRSS?

What a treat: Here we expose and name our ‘teachers pets’ who are grateful for the extra time spent with them.     Lizzie: Science & PDHPE Teacher & Y7 Guardian From left to right Nala Mavis, me and Bodhi. I am grateful at how many hours I can sit and watch the dogs and think […]

Visual Art

The Year 11 art class have started the term looking at appropriation in art. Appropriation is the intentional borrowing, copying and alteration of existing images. For their first creative task this week, the students were asked to use found objects at home to compose an appropriation of a painting from a Great Master and photograph […]

CBRSS Parent Photos

A Rainbow Serpent by Finn: Class 4 Zee (Class 2) and Iona Mandala’s in the sand. Thanks to CBRSS parent Angelina Kokolinakis for this stunning photo and reminder of what a beautiful area we live. #stayhome Lighthouse walk exercise looking over Wategos beach . Image 2 from Angelina: Easter by the pool .. was so […]

Music Making Around The Shire

Hello everybody!
I have been thrilled to hear some of the music that has been played at home over the last few weeks. It has been very heart warming to hear recordings of Class 2 students playing recorder and making up tunes and to receive some wonderful compositions by Class 6 students, excellently notated and played . It really makes my day! I also heard a great story of one student working out how to play Happy Birthday on the recorder for his mum’s birthday. The joys of music in the home! I look forward to hearing more of your music next week.

Wishing you all many wonderful songs and fun singing together. Here is a song for our whole community to sing, to bring us together at this time. It would be lovely to know we are all singing it in our homes. We will all sing it when we all get back again. Click the image above to hear the song and download the words and the chords here for those who play an instrument. Happy singing!

Much love

Year 8 Art

Students are creating stop frame animations. Here is a picture of a set for animation. Time creating is so important as it allows students to use their imagination and create with their heart and hands utilising colour and form. They are also encouraged to draw portraits and figure drawings of themselves and their families.
Vatika Gow Art Teacher

Year 8 Textiles

Students are working on their tops to go with the pants they were making at school and also assignments on cotton, sustainable fashion and early indigenous textiles and weaving. They are also encouraged to make do extra handwork- embroidery, making soft sculptures. A great time to be enjoying the many possibilities of creating with textiles! Vatika Gow Textiles Teacher