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Our high school is a nurturing, vibrant and healthy community

We strive to educate our young people so that they may understand and express their unique capacities as individuals, in order to meet the challenges of our complex world, with positivity, imagination and self confidence.

As a small school every child receives personalised attention ensuring the unique needs of each student is met with love and warmth. Our passionate specialist teachers create a safe, supportive and inspired learning environment which nurtures academic rigor and an ethic of excellence. Our students develop the skills to think critically and imaginatively through experiential learning that offers a pathway for them to arrive at and articulate their own concepts and ideas in response to complex world problems.

Our Guardians walk alongside each class through their high school journey providing each individual with the support, care and understanding they need whilst nurturing the health and wellbeing of the class community. Our intimate learning environment fosters strong relationships between students and teachers and creates a supportive community where everyone feels understood, valued and respected.

Our curriculum is dynamic, immersive and arts-enriched

Offering a depth and breadth of learning experiences across a range of key learning areas which meets NESA requirements. Guided by the indications of Rudolf Steiner, our main lesson program employs an integrated approach to learning which meets the developmental needs of our students. The content of each Main Lesson speaks deeply to the inner experiences of our students at their different stages of growth and helps bring them into a healthy relationship with the world around them. Alongside this, our inquiry based methodology continues to promote a sense of personal responsibility in our young people for their engagement and achievement at every stage of their learning.

Our outdoor education and environmental stewardship programs provide opportunities for adventure through outdoor activities which are physically challenging. Through their immersion in stunning natural landscapes an awe, wonder and gratitude for the natural world is cultivated. These lived experiences which take students beyond the four walls of the classroom, foster the healthy social development of each young person whilst building a class community based on respect, understanding and trust.

Our vibrant festivals nurture a deep reverence for the cycles of life and bring students into relationship with something bigger than themselves. These whole school events encourage our young people to actively contribute to the cultural life of our school through their unique gifts and talents, whilst providing occasions for community engagement and leadership. Our elective showcases, Ensemble Della Mar and high school sports carnivals also allow students to explore their passions and interests through collaboration and creativity and provide opportunities for leadership and mentoring.

Join us and become part of our rich tapestry of vibrant and happy learners as we nurture you to discover your individual capacities, ways of service and future directions.

Rachel Knight
Deputy Principal and Director of High School

We look forward to welcoming you into our community

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