Our annual Spring Fair raffle is now underway

Our annual Spring Fair raffle is now underway and we think you’re going to LOVE IT!  No messing around with paper tickets and coins in a bag – this year it’s ALL online.  Click the button below to see the incredible prizes generously donated by our school community and north coast businesses.

Please help us spread the word by creating your own post using the links on the Raffle page. This is our school’s major annual fundraiser and the more tickets sold, the more money we’ll raise to support our students. The focus this year will be on additional and much-needed exercise and play equipment for the students, as well as resources for our school camps. Please take a moment to share the Raffle link to your Facebook community, get them excited about the amazing raffle.

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing, creative and academic education inspired by the indications of Rudolf Steiner for a healthy social life and the developing human being.

Our Vision

To enable each individual to realise their potential to be self aware, resourceful and resilient, with the empathy, skills and initiative to make a positive contribution to the world.

From the Principal

Hello everyone, Our very busy term has come to a lovely end with many special activities happening in and around the school in the last two weeks. Our Winter festivals have been lovely celebrations of this very special part of our annual journey. In the High School, our Year 9 and 10 students beautifully showcased their elective work this week and tonight is our annual Bush Dance (organised by our hard-working Class 5 and 6 parents). In addition to this, we have had the very great privilege of having Valentine Wember in our school this week. Valentine Wember is an extremely highly experienced Steiner Teacher who has spent many years deeply researching in relation to Steiner Education. He has published a number of wonderful books and is a very gifted speaker. Valentine has given talks, joined our study group, met with teachers, the Chairs of the College of Teachers and the leadership team and has even found the time to work with a couple of our teachers individually. Next week, Valentine…
Hello everyone, (Written on Friday) As I write this, preparations are underway for our Winter Festivals. These are always very special festivals in the school calendar and mark an important moment in the yearly cycle. On this "darkest night" we take a moment to pause quietly an experience this inner moment of stillness. In Australia, our experience of the winter dark is a little more subtle than that felt by our European friends where mid winter can mark days of very little light at all. Here, we need to sense a little more keenly to feel the quiet and stillness of being "with ourselves" at this time of the year. I know that our teachers have been planning for a beautiful, reverent festival and I hope you are able to sense into the moment. This will be the first Winter Festival I have missed in my years at the school, however my healing from recent surgery is not yet at a point when I can venture out into the community. Please know I will be with you all in spirit. I was talking with…
Hello everyone, Winter has arrived with a blast this week! I think we were all lulled into a false sense of security by the unseasonably warm May weather. It seems perhaps that many of us were caught unaware, I know I have certainly seen some shivering children in the playground wearing shorts or t-shirts (and a few shivering staff in light weight clothes). It is so hard to understand the weather at the moment that I would strongly recommend that people wear layers every day. Rudolf Steiner had quite a lot to say about the importance of warmth, particularly around the organs. I have discovered the best option for me is to wear a sleeveless vest (daggy, I know, but it keeps me warm). I have had a few people approach me over the last week asking where they can purchase a copy of Annie Barrett's new book, "A School's Journey - Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School". The book details the wonderful history of our school, from its first days at Bangalow and is available from Reception for $15 a…
Hello everyone, As you are no doubt aware, we are holding a very special celebration tomorrow evening to celebrate 100 years of Steiner Education as well as the wonderful 30 year history of our own school. This will be an exciting evening for our school community with amazing food (catered by the Open Table) as well as an incredible night of music by Pete Hunt and his big band. This will be another great opportunity for our school community to come together in a relaxed environment to celebrate (children are welcome). One of the highlights of the evening will be the launch of Annie Barrett's new book, "A School's Journey - Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School." Annie has been working on this labour of love for several years now and has produced a beautiful book which tells the rich story of our school's history. I strongly encourage you to come along for the evening - bring family and friends and join with us in celebrating. There is no need to pre-book, tickets will be available at the…
Greetings to all It was so lovely to welcome everyone back to school last week and to see parents, students and staff exchanging morning greetings, looking rested, refreshed and ready to begin Term 2 together. Interestingly, many teachers commented on how so many of their students had noticeably grown over these holidays. It is truly amazing how much children can grow and change in a few brief weeks and how time away allows us to more easily observe such growth! And so…. the great wheel of the year continues to turn and with Autumn days growing shorter and the coming of longer nights and chilly mornings, as always, our school community has a variety of events to attend and much to celebrate. Along with our warmly anticipated Winter Festivals and our annual Bush Dance, we are also excited to be hosting a very special Centennial Ball, in celebration of 100 years of Steiner Education. This will be a wonderful 1920’s themed evening and tickets can now be booked online - please see…
  • Pupil Free Day
    Monday 29th July

  • First Day Term 3
    Tuesday 30th July

  • Eurythmy for Parents
    Wednesday 31st July 9:00 am to 10:00 am

  • Classes 4-6 Byron Bay Writers Festival
    Wednesday 31st July 9:15 am to 12:30 pm

  • HS Writers Festival
    Thursday 1st August

  • Year 10 Camp - Melbourne
    Tuesday 6th August to Saturday 10th August
    Lasts for 5 days

  • Eurythmy for Parents
    Wednesday 7th August 9:00 am to 10:00 am

  • Eurythmy for Parents
    Wednesday 14th August 9:00 am to 10:00 am

  • Yr 11 Biology Excursion - Flat Rock
    Thursday 15th August 10:15 am to 2:40 pm


In the depths of winter the Earth is more earthly, more truly itself, than at any other time. - Rudolf Steiner


I know about what I am as human only when I don't live along stolidly, but when I allow myself to be lifted up to the heavens in summer, when I let myself sink down in winter into the Earth mysteries, into the secrets of the Earth. - Rudolf Steiner

Human Development

The strength people need to proceed along the path of human development can come only from the spiritual worlds. - Rudolf Steiner

Reflecting on Rhythm

One can ascend to a higher development only by bringing rhythm and repetition into one's life. Rhythm holds sway in all nature. - Rudolf Steiner

Reflecting on Politics

Today's policies and political activity treat people like pawns. More than ever before, attempts will be made to use people like cogs in a wheel. People will be handled like puppets on a string, and everyone will think that this reflects the greatest progress imaginable. - Rudolf Steiner

Reflection on Easter

At present, mankind exists amidst inharmonious, disordered conditions. But man knows how the world has emerged from chaos, and that out of his chaotic inner being harmony will ultimately arise. Like the regular paths of the planets around the sun, so will the inner saviour of mankind arise, — herald and creator of unity and harmony amid all disharmony. All humanity shall be reminded by the Easter festival of the resurrection of the spirit from the present obscurity of human nature. - Rudolf Steiner

Reflecting on Autumn

At the beginning of autumn, at the Michael Festival, the picture of Michael with the Dragon will stand there to act as a powerful summons, a powerful spur to action, which must work on men in the midst of the events of our times. - Rudolf Steiner Michael Festival....a festival for the conquest of anxiety and fear; a festival of inner strength and initiative; a festival for the commemoration of selfless self-consciousness. - Rudolf Steiner

Reflection on Women

Anyone who fears a cataclysm in our social conditions if women are accepted not as generic entities but as individuals should be told that social conditions in which one half of humanity leads an existence unworthy of human beings are conditions that stand in great need of improvement. - Rudolf Steiner (over 100 years ago)

Human formative forces

What the human being sees, what is poured into his environment, becomes a force in him. In accordance with it, he forms himself. - Rudolf Steiner

Reflection on Spirit

Only a person who has passed through the gate of humility can ascend to the heights of the spirit. - Rudolf Steiner

Healing for humanity

What can be healing for humanity can develop only if people find the way into the spiritual worlds, if people do not forget that there was not only one Christmas but that there must be an everlasting Christmas, an everlasting coming-to-birth of the divine- spiritual in the physical, earthly human being. - Rudolf Steiner

Human Fellowship

Love is higher than opinion. If people love one another the most varied opinions can be reconciled - thus one of the most important tasks for humankind today and in the future is that we should learn to live together and understand one another. If this human fellowship is not achieved, all talk of development is empty. ~ Rudolf Steiner

Guarding our thoughts

We must guard against disrespectful, disparaging, and criticizing thoughts. We must try to practice reverence and devotion in our thinking at all times. - Rudolf Steiner

Practical Spiritual life

Seek the truly practical life, but seek it in such a way that it does not blind you to the spirit working in it. Seek the spirit, but seek it not out of spiritual greed, but so that you may apply it in the genuinely practical life. - Rudolf Steiner

Human beings seeking spirit

When human beings meet together seeking the spirit with unity of purpose then they will also find their way to each other. - Rudolf Steiner

Nature's secrets

All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature. - Rudolf Steiner

Reflection on Community

The well-being of a community of people working together will be the greater, the less the individual claims for himself the proceeds of his work, i.e. the more of these proceeds he makes over to his fellow-workers, the more his own needs are satisfied, not out of his own work but out of the work done by others. - Rudolf Steiner

Free Spirit

Each one of us has it in themselves to be a free spirit, just as every rose bud has in it a rose. - Rudolf Steiner

On Love and Compassion

Wherever love and compassion are active in life, we can perceive the magic breath of the spirit blowing through the sense world. - Rudolf Steiner

The importance of play

If a child has been able in his play to give up his whole loving being to the world around him, he will be able, in the serious tasks of later life, to devote himself with confidence and power to the service of the world. - Rudolf Steiner

Love as our "Sun"

Our egoism gains nothing from acts of love, but the world gains all the more. Esotericism tells us that love is to the world what the Sun is for outer life. No soul could thrive if love departed from the world. Love is the 'moral' Sun of the world. ~ Rudolf Steiner  

Winter Verse

Deep in the ground of the human soul Of victory assured The Spirit-Sun is living All through the winter of the inner life, The faithful heart divines it. Rudolf Steiner

Divine Nature

The outer world, with all its phenomena, is filled with divine splendour, but we must have experienced the divine within ourselves before we can discover it in our environment ~ Rudolf Steiner  

Stages of development

When what we introduce into the children's world of ideas and feelings is in line with the direction of the developmental forces of a given stage of life, we strengthen the entire developing person in a way that remains a source of strength throughout that person's life. ~ Rudolf Steiner

Reflection on Unity

Mankind must above all seek universality and the courage to look at things from all sides ~ Rudolf Steiner

Reflection on education

Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education. ~Rudolf Steiner

Equal rights

A feeling for equal rights for other human beings cannot exist in adults if a feeling for authority is not implanted in them during childhood. Otherwise, adults will never become mature enough to recognize the rights of others.  ~Rudolf Steiner


If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken. - Rudolf Steiner

Reflections on love

Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else. ~ Rudolf Steiner  

Christmas Meditation

At the turning-point of time, The Spirit-Light of the World Entered the stream of Earthly Evolution. Darkness of Night had held its sway; Day-radiant Light poured into the souls of men, Light that gave warmth to simple shepherds' hearts, Light that enlightened the wise heads of kings. O Light Divine! O Sun of Christ! Warm Thou our hearts, Enlighten Thou our heads, That good may become What from our hearts we would found And from our heads direct With single purpose. Rudolf Steiner, Christmas, 1923.  

Reflection on Equality

The fact that we all bear a human countenance and encounter one another as external, physical human beings… this makes us equal on this footing. ~Rudolf Steiner


If one observes children, who by a right upbringing, have developed a natural reverence for the grownups and their surroundings, and if one follows them through their various stages of life, one can discover that their feelings of reverence and devotion in childhood are gradually being transformed during the years leading to old age. As adults such persons may have a healing effect upon their fellow man so that by their mere presence, or through the tone of their voice, or perhaps by a single glance they can spread inner peace to others.  - Rudolf Steiner  

Our highest endeavour...

Our highest endeavour must be to develop individuals who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose & direction to their lives. - Rudolf Steiner

On beauty & art

Beauty is not the divine in a cloak of physical reality; no, it is physical reality in a cloak that is divine. The artist does not bring the divine on to the earth by letting it flow into the world; he raises the world into the sphere of the divine. ~ Rudolf Steiner

Reflection for Spring

May my soul bloom in love for all existence ~ Rudolf Steiner    

Kingdom of Childhood

You must be for the children the representative of the good, the true, and the beautiful. The Children must be drawn to truth, goodness, and beauty simply because the children are drawn to you yourself. ~ Rudolf Steiner, Kingdom of Childhood

The Philosophy of Freedom

Freedom is the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love. ~ Rudolf Steiner, 1894