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The Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner Spring Fair plays several roles within our school community.

Firstly it is our Spring Festival, much like our Autumn, Winter and Christmas festivals – a time to celebrate the change of seasons, to start our outward breath after the inward nature of winter.

Secondly it provides a chance for us to showcase our amazing school to the broader community and has in the past few years replaced the Annual School Open Day.

Thirdly, it offers a chance for our class communities to work together, to role model for our children how a healthy community functions.

And finally it offers the parent community an opportunity to give back to the school by supporting the fundraising activities that go with the Spring

The funds raised at these events allow the school community to purchase new materials, build extra facilities and generally add the extra resources that improve the quality of our childrens’ experiences at Cape Byron Steiner.

For the past two years the Parents & Friends Assoc has been directing all resources to an Adventure Playground for the primary school. This is an ambitious project that needs $50-60,000 and we are already two-thirds of the way to achieving this. This year’s Spring Fair will bring us very close to the target figure and then fun can begin designing and developing the playground.

As a thank-you to each Class 3 for the amazing effort they put in organising the Spring Fair, they receive 10% of the profits for their class budget. While P&F may auspice the Spring Fair, it is you, the individuals and families of this school, who share equally in the success of the event, and endow it with the true qualities of a healthy community.


Tanya Nelson, for the P&F Committee.