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On Friday 31st October we celebrated all our wonderful teachers and staff as we commemorated World Teachers Day. There was cake, cards and apples for all as we recognised all those who make this school the most fabulous community of learners.

As an example of our staff’s dedication to life-long learning, our Class 5 teacher Savannah, attended the World Conference at the Goetheanum during her holiday in Switzerland.

“Recently I had an opportunity to attend the World Conference at the Goetheanum in Dornoch, Switzerland. It was an incredible experience, whereby teachers, and professionals from a range of anthroposophical workplaces and backgrounds gathered.

The building speaks for its self, wonderfully presented with the most awe-inspiring architecture. We began each morning by gathering in the Great Hall, where guest speakers opened with their unique contributions.

I have to say, that even though I have visited the Goetheanum previously it felt like I was so small again, and I felt humbled to share the experience with people from all over the globe.

I chose to further my learning in two different thematic courses over the 5 days. My workshop was titled: Health and healing, where we explored the question: How are human health and earth health related and how can they be promoted? I was also involved in a range of practical workshops involving biodynamic principles.

I look forward to sharing the wonder and inspiration that came from this experience with my Class and Colleagues.”

Savannah | Class 5 teacher

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