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Congratulations to Misha (pictured above) in Class 11 who won the inaugural Greener Futures award for her short story, Pancakes for Breakfast.  You can read her story at this link (warning that the story is only suitable for over 14s)


We are so proud of all our students who entered in the various student writing competitions on offer at this year’s Byron Writers Festival… Congratulations to shortlisted Autumn in Class 7 and runner up Elise in Class 9 who entered the prestigious Susie Warrick Award Years 7-9.

Congratulations to Shanti in Class 12, who co-won the Y10-12 Susie Warrick Award for her short story “Oh, Brother”.  

“I am so proud of all our students who got involved and shared their love of words”

English teacher Alix Johnson

Featured in the photo below with students Autumn, Shanti and Elise (left to right), are judges Karen Foxlee, author of beloved YA novel Lenny’s Book of Everything, and CBRSS parent and novelist, Sarah Armstrong, who recently released her latest novel Magic Awry.