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A warm welcome back to Term 2, as we embrace the arrival of the cooler weather moving towards Winter. This time of year represents a period of quiet, introspection, and inner growth.

On the staff professional development day at the commencement of the term, the College Co-Chairs Tim and Alix coordinated a Eurythmy session held by Marylin Myres for all staff. Marylin explained how group Eurythmy fosters a sense of community, connection, and unity with one another. Marylin was able to facilitate a further two more sessions with staff in the first week, creating a supportive and nurturing environment that further enhanced an overall sense of well-being. This was well received by staff as it also provided the space for quiet, introspection as they look to embrace the arrival of the cooler weather moving towards Winter. 

This term the school is preparing for several seasonal events including the annual Bush Dance and the Winter Festival. Our Primary and High School also have exciting excursions, camps and events to look forward to…

    • Class 3 will be going to Hosanna Farm stay for a few days camping
    • Class 6 will be going to Camp Kokoda in Queensland
    • Class 7 have their excursion Jarjums on Country and a Science excursion to look forward to
    • Class 9 Students are undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh
    • Class 9 and 10 will be showcasing their elective work at the end of the term
    • Class 11 have their adventurous camping trip to Kakadu

Hosanna Farm Stay 2023

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