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At our Autumn festival this year, some of our High School and Primary School students acted out a story which was set in a quaint little village…..

Bonnie the spinner and Davina the weaver lead solitary lives, begrudgingly dependent on each other’s work. Their village faces turmoil as a dragon terrorises, stealing sheep and causing discord among the townsfolk. Realising their shared plight, Bonnie and Davina unite to confront the dragon.

Armed with courage and makeshift weapons, they venture to the dragon’s lair, where they cleverly bind and slay the beast. Their victory not only restores peace to the village but also reveals the dragon’s stash of stolen sheep, reuniting them with their rightful owners.

With harmony restored, Bonnie and Davina forge a newfound friendship, symbolised by their mutual exchange of goods and shared memories of their brave adventure.

Autumn fruit and vegetables donated to Liberation Larder from the School community

To compliment the theme of “Belonging Together” for this years Autumn festival , we created an Earth Loom.   Plants were contributed by our school families and from the bountiful surroundings of the school. It was a hive of activity as day by day we watched the weave grow. Many hands helped to bring this incredible ephemeral artwork together.


We wish you all a safe and restful Autumn break.

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