Year 9 News

As part of our study of the novel Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, set during WW2, Year 9 had the great pleasure of a visit from Rina Genis, grandmother to Elsa Poole (Y9), Reuben Poole (Y10) and Jules Tait (Y10). Rina shared with us some of her experiences as a young child growing up in Amsterdam during the war. She spoke of personal stories of hiding Jewish friends, of vivid memories of Nazi soldier raids, of starvation and true hardship, of loss, fear but also of love and acts of kindness. She reminded us how such events impact real people’s lives (not just fictionalised characters, such as those we are reading about in our novel). When asked how this experience changed her perspective on life, she said, it gave her strength, reminding us how even the most devastating experiences can enable us to grow as human beings. Thank you Rina for sharing some of your extraordinary life story with us! We were humbled and graced by your presence.