Year 7 Platonic Solids Main Lesson

The Platonic Solids Main Lesson began with an exploration into the works of Plato and his 4 “Big Ideas”. These were to think more, let your partner change you, decode the message of beauty and reform society. Plato encouraged people to work with the four big ideas by developing a better understanding of the physical world and its components, including geometrical shapes.

Our study of geometry started with a point, this became a line, then a circle. Our circles grew into hexagons and from the hexagon we were able to create some very complex 2 dimensional drawings of the Platonic Solids.

On the last day of the Main Lesson Denis “Dendog” Hopkins came in to give the students an experience of the solids in their 3 dimensional form. Students started by making a clay sphere and from this created tetrahedrons, hexahedrons, octahedrons and for those very skilled sculptors, icosahedrons.

Rachel K