Year 7 Camp

My camp experience was pretty good!! I had lots of fun with our class and loved exploring new places and things. I did not enjoy Gibraltar Range as much as Bingara but it made me appreciate my home and family. Dakota

I thought camp was really fun, although cleaning the trangias was not. Hapi

Camp was really fun I think it was probably the best camp I have been on so far. Some of the best parts about camp were the horse riding – it was super fun and I liked that we got two days to ride so you could get to know your horse a bit better. June

If you were one of the unlucky ones who got a tent that didn’t care about keeping you dry, well then you had to deal with wet clothes and puddles in your tent. Aly

My favourite part of the camp was the spectacular view at the end of our three hour walk to The Needles. My least favourite part was when the farm dogs puppy Rollie was sick on my bag. Jesua

Camp was really fun, what I enjoyed most was horse riding – learning to canter and being free to get to know my horse. I think it was the best camp because even though it was rainy and freezing I still had fun. I also loved spending time with my teachers and my friends. Lhola

Cleaning the trangias wasn’t fun at all and it took me about two hours to clean the burnt rice off the bottom. My tent was leaky and all my stuff got wet, including me in my sleeping bag which wasn’t nice and I got sick of everyone in my class and didn’t ever want to see them ever again (just kidding). Thanks for all the fun though Rachel and Andrew, there was plenty. Leela

Camp was cold, wet but very fun. Our cooking skills were average but luckily the food was still edible. Alekzander