Year 12 Society and Culture visit to Sydney

This week the Society and Culture class visited Sydney for 2 days to tour the Lakemba Mosque and participate in the HSC Society and Culture study day. We spent 3 1/2 hours at the mosque with our guide Tata, learning all about the origins of Islam, devotional practices including the 5 daily prayers (Salat) and observing the belief system in practice. We were fortunate to visit during Ramadan, a time of fasting, forgiveness and introspection. Whilst at the mosque we were welcomed warmly by the community and invited to observe midday prayers and 2 funerals. We were all very moved by the call to prayer, followed by readings in Arabic from the Q’oran, the congregation moving in unison to bend and stand.
The following day the class attended the Society and Culture study day. These days are excellent opportunities for HSC students to prepare for their upcoming exams, with lectures full of advice, examples and tips for success. As it was reconciliation week the organisers included a dance performance by local indigenous group Albert David and Ensemble. Kasey-Joe and Yani joined in when asked for audience volunteers and were most impressive!

Rachel Knight