What the Good Elves got up to in the Holidays

Two ex-students were part of the crew that made this happen.

Construct & install the Outdoor Kitchen in the Outdoor Classroom. With the new Outdoor Table Tennis Table.

● Jack up & re-level stumps under PS Music Room.
● Construct Ball Hitting Wall in COLA.
● Renovation to rotten exterior walls Casuarina, Melaleuca & Grevillea Rooms.
● Replace back steps & section of verandah Grevillea Room.
● Replace Chalkboard/Whiteboards Casuarina & Grevillea Rooms.
● Paint internal walls Silkwood room & Cello room.
● Install 3 Block Out Blinds, in Library, on Internal doors & Window behind Photocopier
● Replace pump on Kindy water feature with submersible pump. Quiet!
● Remove rock border to Kindy sandpit & enlarge with tree log borders.
● Install in-ground drainage pits and line off Dome to manage stormwater runoff.
● Pressure Clean many slippery paths, amphitheatre & COLA.
● 3 new lunch table for Cl 1.
● 6 new bench seats for Cl 1.
● Create Vege Garden Beds at Cl 2.
● Road Repairs & additions to asphalt road into school.
● 2 New Timber Outside Bench Seat Tables for HS.

Just some of the tasks we got up to in the holidays! Enjoy!

Gavin Colley

Site Manager