Ugandan Ubuntu Choir

Last week, our students and some families were very blessed to experience the Ugandan Ubuntu Choir. UBUNTU Choir is a charitable organisation that provides scholarships to vulnerable Ugandan children for education. The touring choir is a fundraising exercise.
The choir was billeted out amongst local families, I wish to extend our thanks for your contribution.

Students from classes 3 to 12 received an incredibly dynamic and inspiring workshop performance in which the leaders cracked hilarious jokes, played games and shared culture, language and stories of general life in Uganda. The musicians played traditional drums, danced and sang. It was a vibrant and beautiful experience for all the students, all of us learning two dances and singing along with the Ubuntu Choir.
Janet Swain and Elizabeth Swain (CBRSS Family) facilitate the choir coming to the Northern Rivers area, much respect and gratitude to them and also to Loani for her work on the school end organising the workshop.

Students from the year 9/10 Music Elective course were invited to sing with a massed choir of adults and children to open the UBUNTU choir performance last Thursday night. The project was facilitated by Janet Swain and Tom Whitaker, involving Brunswick Heads Primary School, CBRSS and members of local community choirs. It was such a rich experience for all involved, Women, Men, Youth and Children. We sang four songs, maximum inspirational melodies.
Ubuntu then performed their amazing show to a very packed civic hall in Mullumbimby.
Overall, the immersion of these beautiful humans in our community through billeting, engaging and vibrant workshops at the school and a collaboration with Brunswick Heads Primary School and various community choirs culminating in a performance before UBUNTU played to a packed Civic hall.
Heartfelt thank you to the following people who made this possible. Janet Swain, Elizabeth Swain, Loani McCrae, Matt Gulliford, Tom.