Tobias 2021

The Tobias project is a year-long design project done in Class 8. Learning is aimed at developing an understanding of design processes that enable students to manage, interpret, shape and alter their environment to improve the quality of life at home, school, in workplaces, and in the broader community.

The standard of work somehow gets even better each year and this year it was exceptional. Students unveiled their year-long project, ranging from an exquisitely illustrated picture book to handmade jewelry, original music to body care products, a treehouse to a computer game, honey to a hand-carved desk, and much more. The students set up beautiful displays to showcase their projects in the Hall and addressed an audience of Class 7 about the trials and tribulations of their project journey; and the Class 4, 5 and 6 students enjoyed walking through and looking at the amazing displays too. Seeing the fruition of the students’ work is always inspiring and a joy for all in the high school.

In the past few weeks after the Tobias presentation, we have assisted students to create their own web page to share their journey including speeches and process journals.

This year we have compiled each student’s Tobias Project into a website that you can share and enjoy. Click on the links in the right column to view.