The importance of Biodynamics

On Wednesday CBRSS hosted a wonderfully informative and comprehensive talk by Hamish MacKay about the importance of both Biodynamics and Steiner education. Hamish spoke about the common tasks that biodynamic farmers and gardeners share with Steiner teachers and parents, such as, working to support the incarnating individual to fulfil their destiny.

Hamish says “We are more than one third of the way through the current regency of Michaël as the ruling Time Spirit and we can expect certain individuals will find their way to Steiner schools to give them the foundation to become significant players in the shaping of this regency. By 2030 the world will be very different and we have the opportunity/responsibility to provide these children with the head, heart and hands to make a difference.

Our thanks to Hamish for sharing his knowledge with our community and a special thanks to Charlie Arnott (Class 2 parent) for organising this event and for providing a flow form with some 500 preparation that children were able to sprinkle around our beautiful school to enrich and enliven our land. Thanks also go to Gavin for supporting and encouraging this initiative.

Hamish is offering a free talk tomorrow at the Farm, we encourage everyone to attend!