The Children’s Rose

Last year a very special and much loved member of staff Eleni Mann retired after 20 years of teaching art at CBRSS. She shared with the children over all these years her depth of knowledge in understanding and using colour and taught them many artistic techniques such as watercolor, pastels, charcoal and resist. She encouraged them to stop and wonder at nature, to observe the smallest details as well as the majesty of sunsets and sunrises and the seasonal changes around us.

She has gifted the most beautiful painting to the school called ‘The Children’s Rose’ which will be hanging in the library.

Her inscription on the back reads –

This artwork is dedicated to all the children and students of Cape Byron Steiner School.
The Children’s Rose is an actual rose. It produces highly fragrant blooms. The petals slowly unfurl from a single or cluster of flowers.
The bush is robust, with few thorns and grows tall and upright.
The ROSE represents the ‘heart’ and is a symbol of beauty. 
This gift is for my appreciation and gratitude to this school.
‘A timeless flower’.
Created with grace from Eleni Mann, Specialist Art teacher 2002-2021 

The last primary class she taught was our current Class 6 and here they are with the ‘Children’s rose’ painting.
Thank you Eleni from us all at CBRSS for your beautiful painting and all that you shared with the students and teachers in your time at Cape Byron xxx