Thank you team Spring Fair 2016


Through The Earth is Our Garden, Class 3 brought a picture of a strong community impulse to nurture, guide and support our children throughout their Steiner school journey, from seed to fruit, from Kindy to Class 12.

The one place we all come together to celebrate and offer our time and energy so strongly, to reflect back to each other our willingness to nurture, guide and support, is our annual Spring Fair.

A HUGE thank-you to every single one of you for your care and readiness to support your school community and an extra BIG thank-you to Jen, Emma and Class 3 for their exceptional guidance of us throughout the 2016 journey, and Rachel Sullivan for coordinating the event.

The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
The community finds its reflection;
And when, in the community
The virtue of each one is living.

    Rudolf Steiner

Warmest regards
Tanja, Lisa and Sarah
Parents & Friends Assoc