Student Attendance

What Happens When Your Child Arrives Late to School?

* Your child misses the very important opportunity to settle into the day
* Your child misses connecting with the Class Teacher or Guardian and sharing the verse with the class
* Your child may miss important instructions or information for the day
* Your child’s late entry may disrupt other students
* Your child’s teacher has to re-settle the class and individually catch your child up on any information already shared
* Your child may feel that their whole day has got off to a bad start
* Our reception staff have to spend time manually updating databases and signing your child in.

Please help your child and help their teacher and class by ensuring they arrive on time to school each day. As traffic can be unpredictable, please leave enough time to get through the traffic and still arrive on time.

What Happens When You Take Your Child Away From School During Term Time?

* Your child misses essential learning content
* Your child misses out on developing and consolidating skills
* Your child misses out on important events in the social development of the class
* Your child feels the stress of having to catch up on missed work
* Your child’s teacher feels the stress of having to catch your child up on missed work
* Your child can feel that they are “behind the rest of the class”
* Your child drops out of any group work or class projects, not only missing the experience but also letting classmates down
* You do not fulfill your legal obligation to send your child to school.

We are getting an increasing amount of applications for large amounts of leave so that families can holiday outside term time. This is having a serious impact on learning and not only impacts on your child, but also impacts the teacher and the rest of the class. We are very clear in the enrolment process that we expect students to attend school during term time and ask parents not to schedule holidays during term time. Please support your child and the school by holding off on holidays and overseas trips until school holidays.