Spring Fair 2016


The Earth Is Our Garden

SPRING FAIR 17th September

Countdown!  Less than 3 weeks to our wonderful annual Spring Fair.

Watch our Spring Fair Promo Video

Friday Markets 

Come and join us at the Friday Markets for some planting and making decorations. Silent Auction to commence at NEXT Friday’s market, 2nd September. Stay tuned for an amazing list of prizes.

Raffle Tickets

We have collected $825 for week 1. Please help us reach our goal of $6600.00. This means each child selling only one book (10 tickets)!

Collecting from our School Community:

1. Egg cartons

2. Any old hoops or pieces of bamboo

3. Long fabric strips in any colour

Please bring to class 3.  Contact Ebony at ebnjosh@gmail.co

White Elephant Second Hand Stall

Please bring all donations to class 3 from 31st August. Please no electrical, mouldy, broken or damaged goods. Quality not quantity and we would especially love all children’s Clothing of all sizes and any other clothing you are ready to depart with.  Contact Lisa at Idobbie13@gmail.com

High School Cake stall

Each family in the school is required to provide one cake for the High School Café, located next to the school offices. Please bring on the morning of the Fair. Each family will be provided with a cake box and label to provide ingredients the week before the fair.

Garlands Stall

We welcome any contributions of vines and flowers for our beautiful Garlands Stall located on the green. Please bring on the morning of the Fair.

Pupil Free Day

A reminder that Friday 16th is a pupil free day. All classes are required to set up their stalls on this day and assist in making our school look beautiful.

We are loving the journey of Spring Fair 2016 and are so looking to sharing the day with you all.

Many thanks to everyone for all your wonderful contributions and support.

Class 3