Easter at home

Easter in Rose Kindy

Easter Hare, Easter Hare come into my garden.

Hop, hop, hop, I’ve not got time to stop.

Easter on its way you know.

Gifts for all I have to go!

Hop, hop, hop

The children of Rose Kindy continue to share the magic of Kindergarten in their homes. As our term ended, families were busily preparing to bring the gift of Easter to life and forever etching these beautiful memories into their children’s hearts. Easter baskets were painted and constructed in preparation of Easter hunts, nature tables lovingly created, hot cross buns baked on Good Friday and felted eggs rolled. Easter songs and an Easter story of the True Easter Hare shared. This term, we continue to relive the spirit of Easter by sharing a story of a Rabbit with magical ears.

Pransky Success!

A three hour epic craft bonanza took place on Zoom for a group of Class 6 students with some great results.

Der Osterzopf by Harry (Year 7)

Harry shared some photos with his German teacher Manuela before Easter. 

Harry baked ‘Der Osterzopf’ from page 27 of his Katzensprung textbook! Harry reported that ‘It was good.’

Projects at Home

Make a possum box

While you have extra time at home you might like to make something useful for your local wildlife. What about a bird or a possum box? Some children in Class 6 took the opportunity to construct a possum box. Many of you will be familiar with the nesting boxes around the school and the animals that come and go in them.

By providing a possum box, you are encouraging a possum to stay and claim your garden as its territory. The possum will then discourage other possums from moving into your yard and roof. By making friends with a possum, you can help conserve the species and learn about their way of life at the same time. You can decide if you would like to make a box to suit a ringtail or brushtail possum, or a glider.

Read the guide and instructions here. Hunt around for some materials. Hopefully you have some materials at home so you don’t need to go out to buy them. If not, try making a cardboard model first which will be good practise for doing a wooden box later. You will need your ruler, some cardboard and glue/sticky tape for that.

Good luck and please send us some pictures. Ann (Class 6)

Emily: Class 6 and James her dad.

Jasmine: Class 6

I made a Possum box with the help of my dad and my little brother Elton.

We had to measure and cut the wood and screw it together. We painted our house this year so we had some paint left over and I painted it the same colours so it looked like a mini version of our house. I found a stick on the beach to fix to the front and decided which tree I wanted to put it in. My dad fixed it to the tree. I enjoyed doing this project with my dad. My favourite part was painting the possum box.

Building a Vegie Patch at Home.

Some children in Class 6 have been busy in their gardens. creating their own special vegetable and/or flower garden. They have considered the position of their patch as well as what they like to eat. They’ve also had to think about predators, watering and access. Some already have a vegie garden at home so they are working with the one they have. 

Who are the Teachers Pets of CBRSS?

What a treat: Here we expose and name our ‘teachers pets’ who are grateful for the extra time spent with them.



Lizzie: Science & PDHPE Teacher & Y7 Guardian

From left to right Nala Mavis, me and Bodhi. I am grateful at how many hours I can sit and watch the dogs and think about all the ways they are ridiculously cute and I am grateful to live in a place that gives so much love to sick hens.

Teera: Acting Principal ‘Dusty Cow Chasing Days’

I’m so grateful for my lovely ‘Outback’ family and times we share on that amazing land out there! Alderley Station near Boulia, Qeensland

Chris: Music & Maths Teacher

This is a photo of me on our deck in the morning with Charles (little brown) and Rufus (big brown). As Charlie wouldn’t keep still I’ve included his scholarship photo too. This is where my wife, Amber, and I drink tea every morning, as our sleepy eyes become bright and happy.

Matt: Class 6 Teacher

Introducing Hank the Jack Russel and Marble. They are my daughters dogs and every weekend they come over for a sleepover. Each day we go twice to the beach to exercise at sunrise and midday. Marble chases a ball and tries to train all the humans she comes across to throw it for her and Hank runs off to meet other dogs in the far distance and then returns at high speed with his little legs practically a blur. 

I’m grateful that we get down to the beach and have a laugh.

Paddy: HSIE Teacher & Year 9 Guardian

These are pets from my front yard. Their names are Henrii (spelt weirdly cause his from Byron) and The Dude. It’s great to see them up close.

Claire: Visual Arts & Science Teacher & Y11 Guardian

Me and our pet turtles, Lucky and Tanky (with a little puppy). We are grateful for their calming nature.

Emily: Kinder Rose Teacher

This is our cat Nala (yes like in the Lion King, it means Queen). I am grateful for hugs from my children; snuggles from my cat (when she remembers her manners and tucks her claws in); lots of delicious baking; living in the hinterland with lots of space, quiet, calm, birds & butterflies; living in the Byron Shire not-too-far from fabulous beaches for early morning walks and swims, and a big shelf full of wonderful books to read!

Rachel: English Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator & Year 8 Guardian

This is our 5 day old chick called Brave. I am grateful to have been witness to the hatching of this little being who was born in our chicken coop on Saturday 25.4.2020. One of our broody hens had been sitting on her eggs for weeks and we had almost lost hope that she was going to have any success. Miracles do happen!! Watching Mumma teach her baby how to drink, scratch and eat has been very special. #Farm life – Myocum 2020

Ann: Class 6 Teacher

This is Penny. I’m grateful to her for her for reminding me to notice the details.

James: Class 2 Teacher

This is Angel. She recently turned 1. I’m grateful for this time with my baby and having lots of milky smelling cuddles

Ric: PDHPE Teacher & Y12 Guardian

This is Mimosa the dog and Honey the chicken. I am so grateful to be healthy, happy and living in Brunz.

Katie: English Teacher & Department Mentor

This is Lollie who loved to sleep under the bed. Lollie was loved and loved her family in return completely. Sadly at 14 years old, Lollie passed away 4 weeks ago. She will be greatly missed.

Jon: ICT

This is Halo drinking from her favourite Chewbacca cup. She keeps us smiling.

Lisa: DP’s Assistant

This is Inka, the super Kelpie. Great for rounding up the kids and keeping us all active.

Margaret: Reception

Here I am working from home with our 13 and half years old, female German Shepherd / English Collie cross – Qi (pronounced Chee). We are grateful to share each other’s company on dog walks on the beach.

Andrew: Head of Mathematics & Y8 Guardian

This is our tiny Python is called Sheddy and the fish have no names so that when they die the kids do not know they have visited the big toilet bowl in the sky. I am grateful because none of my fish have died in ages and it’s my birthday tomorrow, go the iso birthday party!!!!


This is Tilly, Jim (my son) and Pepper. I am grateful for family and Autumn weather.

Elizabeth: Kindy

This is the FAMOUS Pepper the kitten. Here Pepper is helping Lizzie wind the wool for Kindy.

I’m grateful for her cheekiness, and the many games of hide and seek we play… ‘I’ve looked under the table, and under the chair, down on the ground, and up in the air… but…. I could not find her anywhere!! I wonder where she is hiding today?’ 

Jess: HSIE Teacher & Year 12 Guardian

What happens when you leave the door open. Hungry and confident, ‘Hungry Bird’ walks in and makes himself at home. Hungry Bird is very demanding.

Mat: Music Teacher and ICT Manager

This is Luna the French Bulldog, a great addition to our family. We called him Luna as we love him to the moon and back. Below is Oliver’s (Class 3) portrait of Luna.

Gael: High School Learning Support Administrator 

This is Charlie, the current love of my life, except when he’s scratching my furniture and getting into places that are out of bounds. His full name is Valentine Marmaduke Charles the 3rd. He is a honey most of the time but a house destroyer when he gets that devilish bloom in his eye and wants my attention. I’m grateful for his unconditional companionship and for making me feel needed.

Felicity: Administration

I am grateful to be home with Emi (short for Emerald) and finding the book ‘Crafting with Cat Hair’ to finally make use of her moulting fur.

Renae: Science Assistant

This is me and CoCo. CoCo is 13 years old now and follows me everywhere.

Manuela: German Language Teacher & Distance Ed Coordinator

Here are my garden pets. Last week an invading swarm came and challenged them but they won. My favourite bees are B1 and B2, right in the middle there. I love them because they pollinate my flowers and vegetables.

Craig: Season’s Cafe 

Here is Silky, she provides a calm and graceful presence in our family.

Strawberry: Administration

This is Bellatrix and Holly. They love that I am working from home. I love that I don’t get dressed for work. That’s a bonus. I am grateful for my dogs for helping me remember the world is a great place.

Gavin: Site Manager

I am grateful that Buddy came to hang out with me for a few days before moving on.

Petra: Primary Teacher.

This is Poppy our beautiful dog.

Jenny: Kindy Rose Teacher

Hello this is my very sweet fish called Albie. I have had Albie for 6 years and he has grown so much. He is very shy and territorial but likes to play and seek! I am grateful for all that I have in my life.

Mystery Pet: 

Can you tell what this pet is and which (hint Primary) teacher’s daughter do you think it belongs to? We will give you the answer next week.