School Fees 2017

2017 School Fees

The School Board has met to set the School Fees for 2017. In deciding on the rate of increase for our school fees, the Board considered the following factors:

Scheduled wage increases
The expected rate of Federal and State funding
Education CPI (currently 3.3%)
Need to increase teaching hours for the HSC
Ongoing maintenance costs for our site

The Board is cognisant of the need to keep fee increases to a reasonable level so that our rates remain manageable for our school community. With this in mind, tuition fees will increase by 3% in 2017. This is in keeping with other independent schools in our area and also with previous years’ increases.

The P&F approached the Board with a request that the RC&M levy also be increased. Parents are asked to contribute 16 hours of approved Repair, Care and Maintenance work to the school each year (per family). For those parents who are unable to make this contribution, the levy is charged to cover some of the cost of completing some of the RC&M tasks. (Note that the levy is charged at the beginning of the year and credited to your account once the required number of hours are completed). The Board considered the P&F request and noted that in recent years’ parent participation in RC&M days and other school ‘helping’ events has decreased. The Board feels the current levy does not accurately reflect the value of the hours of work requested. For this reason, the Board has decided that the annual RC&M levy will increase to $400 per family next year. Families will still be able to complete the 16 hours of work in lieu of paying the levy and it is important to note that the school will be providing additional opportunities for this to happen next year (a twilight RC&M working bee and an updated list of approved jobs which can be completed at other times listed on the school website).

The Board has also approved increases to our Registration and Enrolment Fees. These fees have remained at the same rate for a number of years and it was felt that an increase was appropriate to more accurately reflect the cost of the work involved in each area. The increases are as follows:

Registration to enrol fees increased to $110 for the first child and $55 for each sibling
Enrolment fees increased to $550 for the first child and $200 for siblings

Finally, the Board approved an increase of $100 per year to the Consolidated Charge for High School students. This increase is necessary to meet some of the ever increasing costs of maintaining and updating the ICT infrastructure we provide for our students. Next year the school will be leasing a further 10 iMac Computers and replacing a full class set of iPads.

The Community Fee Assistance Program (CFAF) will remain in place for families experiencing short term financial difficulties and our Finance staff are happy to talk with any families who are experiencing need. The Board feels the school continues to offer an excellent education which is good value for money and we feel the fee increases for next year will adequately allow the school to continue to provide such a wonderful service for our children.

An updated fee schedule for 2017 can be found on our school website.

James Dods