Repair Care & Maintenance Day

Repair Care & Maintenance (RCM) Day
Saturday week the 28th May – 9am – 3pm
Lunch supplied by canteen

This is our second, RCM day for the year and another chance to enhance the beauty of our school. The children love it when their parents have an intimate knowledge of the place that they hang out in all day. They can tell you something, about their school environment, and know when you understand what they are referring to. You don’t have to work just in the area around your classroom but anywhere in the school where the task takes your fancy. There are lots of varieties of tasks and the more people we have the more fun the tasks are when done together. Encourage others to come along and help out. If we get good at working together we will be able to take on more challenging tasks and really help the school soar.

See you there!

Gavin Colley
Site Manager