Reconciliation at CBRSS

Recently, Paddy Innes Hill graced us with his presence through Guardian class to discuss with the future leaders of the school ( current year 11’s ) the histories, protocols, and respect around flag raising.

Students were attentive and engaged throughout the lesson when discussing the significance and meanings around flag raising. One of the most interesting topics discussed which aroused many questions was how easy it is to offend when performing the act of raising and lowering the flags.

As some of you may have noticed, the school recently purchased and installed 3 flag poles of equal height as part of our reconciliation action plan.

Year 11 students plan to raise the Aboriginal, Australian, and Torres Strait Islander flags on a Wednesday each week which happens to be the main day we have gatherings in Guardian, assemblies, and staff meetings. The flags will also be raised at significant events and festivals.

If you are interested in reading more about flag raising protocols, I’ve included a link here.

Peter Palmer