RCM Day 5 March



BBQ Lunch supplied by P&F

Our first RCM Day is on Saturday week and this is a great opportunity to contribute to the life of the school, get to know more people and build the healthy social life of the school community.

All families are billed $250 annually for maintenance of the school infrastructure, in lieu of 16 hours contribution of time. This can be worked off in many ways such as on our 3 RCM days each year, or support in the canteen or other tasks for teachers, administration & library. You can also make arrangements with the Site Manager to help out at any other time of the year that suits. We are always in need of support to help our school thrive.

So on this RCM day there will be a great variety of tasks from gardening to painting & oiling buildings & furniture, small construction & repair tasks plus cleaning, organising and other soft tasks for parents with small children. You can work in any area of the school, so a great opportunity to get to know other parts of the school & work alongside other parents. The children love it when their parents know their environment & can relate to them on where they have been hanging out for the day.

We will have a lovely shared BBQ Lunch supplied by P&F at around 12.30pm providing another opportunity to chat and get to know each other.

The more people that come the greater the fun you have at your tasks as you have others to share it with. There are many spaces in the school so everyone can become very spread out, so encourage others you know to come and share in the many tasks.

See You There!

Gavin Colley

Site Manager