Projects at Home

Make a possum box

While you have extra time at home you might like to make something useful for your local wildlife. What about a bird or a possum box? Some children in Class 6 took the opportunity to construct a possum box. Many of you will be familiar with the nesting boxes around the school and the animals that come and go in them.

By providing a possum box, you are encouraging a possum to stay and claim your garden as its territory. The possum will then discourage other possums from moving into your yard and roof. By making friends with a possum, you can help conserve the species and learn about their way of life at the same time. You can decide if you would like to make a box to suit a ringtail or brushtail possum, or a glider.

Read the guide and instructions here. Hunt around for some materials. Hopefully you have some materials at home so you don’t need to go out to buy them. If not, try making a cardboard model first which will be good practise for doing a wooden box later. You will need your ruler, some cardboard and glue/sticky tape for that.

Good luck and please send us some pictures. Ann (Class 6)

Emily: Class 6 and James her dad.

Jasmine: Class 6

I made a Possum box with the help of my dad and my little brother Elton.

We had to measure and cut the wood and screw it together. We painted our house this year so we had some paint left over and I painted it the same colours so it looked like a mini version of our house. I found a stick on the beach to fix to the front and decided which tree I wanted to put it in. My dad fixed it to the tree. I enjoyed doing this project with my dad. My favourite part was painting the possum box.

Building a Vegie Patch at Home.

Some children in Class 6 have been busy in their gardens. creating their own special vegetable and/or flower garden. They have considered the position of their patch as well as what they like to eat. They’ve also had to think about predators, watering and access. Some already have a vegie garden at home so they are working with the one they have.