Project Archive – CBRSS Photo Archive

We are thrilled to announce that our much anticipated CBRSS Photo Archive is ready to access, for parents who have the Parent App. Project Archive will enable staff to share photos and videos going forward, and parents to view a gallery of photos and videos from our archive through the Parent App. Each gallery is specific to a Class group, so in most instances the content will only be of students from that year group. Exceptions to this may be if we include photos of other school events, such as a Festival. As each Class progresses through the year, we will update a shared folder with content that can then be accessed by parents of each individual Class.

To Access Please log in to the Parent App – open Parent Lounge – Events and Payments – and read the Terms & Conditions in your Class Photo Archive. 

By opening the link to the Photo Gallery you are agreeing to not further share any of the included photos/videos via social media or any other means.

Parent Communication 

Please note some important changes that are now in place:

  • Parent absentee reporting is very quick and easy through the Parent App. Notify the school for future absences, or prior to 9 AM whenever possible. SMS will be sent to parents of students who have not attended roll call, requesting parents to notify the school via the Parent App.
  • Push notifications to the Parent App will be used in place of SMS for school reminders and brief one way communications (please enable notifications in the Parent App / Settings / Notifications).
  • Daily Notices/Calendar Events are easily accessed through the Parent App. Including notices for the day or upcoming events.
  • SMS will only be used to notify parents of student absence and for Emergency/Immediate communication.

For help with the Parent app click this link