CBRSS Co-Heads of School

As the educational leaders of the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School, the Co-Heads of School direct resources to facilitate the management of the School, by working collaboratively and inclusively to ensure that the School meets its full range of responsibilities. The Co-Heads work with people and relationships to foster the development and health of the School and those individuals’ learning, working and contributing within. They work in ways that foster a harmonious social environment. The Co-Heads are experienced in working with the principles of Rudolf Steiner Education and have an understanding of child development. The Co-Heads are responsible and accountable to the School Board and represent the Board and the College on a day-to-day basis.

K6 Leadership Team

The K6 Leadership Team, made up of the Curriculum Coordinator and Assessment Coordinator, work closely with the Co-Heads to support the operation of the Junior School (K6)

High School Leadership Team

The High School Leadership Team, made up of the Faculty and Timetable Coordinator, Senior School Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator and Behaviour Management Coordinator, work closely with the Co-Heads to support the operation of the High School.

The College of Teachers

The College is made up of teachers who work collegially and share responsibility in maintaining the special character of the educational aspects of the School and the Anthroposophical impulse which is inherent in all aspects of School Life.

Within College, each member has equal responsibility for the consideration and holding of the educational, teaching and spiritual direction of the school.  As such College constitutes the generative heart of the school and meets regularly to support and consult with one another in educational matters and to discuss, formulate and review the school curriculum and educational methodology in the light of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

Our Administration and Support Team

Supporting roles for the C0-Heads of School and the Teachers in their work:

  • HR/Office Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Co-Heads Assistant
  • K-12 Faculty Admin Assistant
  • Enrolments Officer
  • Reception
  • Business Office Support
  • Relief, Camps & Excursions Officer
  • ICT Support Staff
  • Site Manager
  • Librarian

CBRSS School Board

The School Board is empowered by the constitution to govern the business and legal functions of the School.  For practical purposes, the day-to-day operation of the School is delegated to the Co-Heads of School.  Some of the matters considered by the Board include setting fees and charges, fee collection, fee relief, formulating short and medium term budgets, building and maintenance projects, formulating policies and practices and other governance issues.

The Board consists of between 6 and 8 Directors.  3-5 Directors are elected by the Membership of the Association and 2-5 Directors are appointed by the Board.   The Co-Heads attend all Board meetings as an ex-officio member and there are 2 Teacher Consultants to the Board, elected annually by the College of Teachers.  For more information view our Board of Directors page.