Ollie’s cake making adventures – Class 4

Hello Naina,
We made your carrot cake recipe and it was an epic cooking adventure!!!!
We ordered all the ingredients from Woolies online.
We kept forgetting to do the day before prep. to leave the dough in a warm place for 12 – 24 hrs….
then one day we got it all together and the cake making was well on its way!!!!
The next day Gramsie started to make the carrot cake – she got up to adding the coconut and we realised we forgot it!
So she hopped in her car and drove all the way to Woolies to buy it and back!
Determined we persisted, although by this time Ollie had had enough of grating the carrots and decided instead to serenade Gramsie
on the guitar! LOLS
We did it though! We achieved the outcome and it was the most delicious carrot cake ever! –
The extra lockdown kilos piled on but we didn’t mind because this was a special carrot cake adventure!
We had yummy carrot cake for days!
Kind regards,