News from Stuart

I have just come home from a wonderful journey into Southern India to help teach Bothmer Gymnastics and would like to share my story and photographs with our community.

Travels to India seem to always have funny stories with them. This one actually never begun as the head coach, Dan Freeman was turned back at the Auckland airport with a false immigration visa he purchased online. So the conference was moved back a few months which conveniently allowed me to come along and help teach.

We worked in a beautifully restored warehouse in Coimbatore complete with a sprung wooden floor and hand carved staves. 28 teachers from right across India managed to come along despite the new dates landing right in the middle of the term. Commitment and dedication was such a key element for these teachers. And so we worked away on philosophy and pedagogy and blended it with warm tea, mango curd, dosa and your expected array of Dahl curries. It was a real privilege to be in such a beautiful and remote place and share a curriculum that spans worldwide.

Stuart Baker

CBRSS Camps Coordinator