News from Class 6

There have been many wonderful things happening in Class 6 this term! We concluded our fascinating Ancient Rome main lesson by spending a whole day building Ancient Roman clay heads with Denis. As part of our current Geology main lesson, we went on an excursion last week from the mountains to the sea. We visited the Pinnacle Lookout (where we had a perfect surrounding view of the Tweed Caldera and Wollumbin) and then on to see the basalt columns at Fingal Heads Giant Causeway, caused by the slow cooling and cracking of basalt lava flows from the Tweed shield volcano. Thank you to our parent helpers who joined us for the journey!

Class 6 students have also been very busy creating very beautiful self-designed cross stitch patterns.

And so the richness and fun of class 6 continues!

Bethanie and Teera