NCIS (North Coast Independent Schools) Inter School Swimming Carnival

An excellent and well run swimming event was held in the new venue at the Alstonville Aquatic Centre. I am very pleased to announce that Cape Byron Steiner School came 5th from the field of 11 Independent High Schools that competed on the day. The top four positions were tightly contested between the four big sporting schools, The Armidale School, Bishop Druitt College, Emmanuel College and Lindisfarne College.
Not only did we come 5th overall, but Abbie Walden came 2nd overall in her age division. Congratulations to all students who competed as all students were able to contribute the overall team score and a special thanks to Lizzie and Ric who had to spend a large portion of the day as time-keepers.

Abbie Walden 32 points 2nd overall in her age group
Hannah Murray 69 points
Krystal Pierce 66 Points
Zen Larkins 65 points
Brianna Hart 63 Points
Della Knight 58 Points
Kashi Hagedoorn-Weekes 53 Points
Sam Trowbridge 52 Points
Tobsha Haig 37 Points
Reuben Poole 37 Points
Sammy Walsh 37 Points
Dakota Dennis 34 Points
Yuna Grapentin 28 Points
Melea Knight 26 Points
Easton Adamo 14 Points
Hapi McMullen 13 Points
Kiana King 7 Points
Maia Borrack 5 Points
Amadeus O’Connor 4 Points
Tiger-Lily Hemensley Kolcze 4 Points
Koa Connable 2 Points

Steve Richards (Ric)