Mullum Music Fest Youth Mentorship Winners

Congratulations to current CBRSS student Phoebe Neumann and CBRSS graduate Mali Biggin on being Youth Mentorship Winners for this Years Mullum Music Festival.

For a decade now Mullum Music Festival has offered young musicians the chance to be heard, a chance to find an audience and start their career with their Youth Mentorship Program. Many of the winners have gone on to International careers, with Parcels playing the European Festival Circuit and supporting acts like Toto and this year’s Falls’ Festival. Paris dwelling Merryn Jean is a previous winner who’s made some global ripples, with rising stars Asha Jeffries and three-piece Mullum band Loose Change in their wake. Loose Change won last year’s band section – this year they’re on the program as an act in their own right. That’s how serious the festival is about inclusive programming for young and emerging artists.

Festival Director Glenn Wright has always been passionate about creating spaces for musicians at every level of their career.

‘The best way to find emerging artists is to give them a place to emerge. Mullum Music Festival is that place where many new musicians get a leg up and develop relationships with their mentors and peers.”

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