Michaelmas Gatherings: Preparation for the Michaelmas festival with Lisa Romero

An Inner Work Path event with Lisa Romero, sponsored by EduCareDo.

Preparation for the Michaelmas festival and deepening our relationship with Michael, the spiritual being that supports our freedom

Michael is probably the most well-known archangel and is celebrated and acknowledged through many traditions. This consciousness is a protector of our human freedom and when we stand in the light of the Michaelalic stream we serve alongside this task. Although we have different roles and sometimes seemingly opposing streams in which we work into the world, it is Michael that unites us in the task of serving the greater good of humanity.

Diverting forces that wish to bring into humanity ways of being, feeling and perceiving intended to subvert the course of our free and healthy development, push their way forward to gain more ground through opportune events. We are presently facing another wave of these diverting efforts. It is Michael that stands as the counterforce through all those who are willing to prevent the loss of our human purpose.

The true and good purpose of humanity, our community, and our individual life is known to us before we enter into the earthly world. Michaelmas is a time to re-enliven the purpose and find the fire of the spirit to overcome the anaesthetising forces that dull our knowing and the diverting forces that harvest our energy for false and misleading goals.

The impingements to human freedom and the ever increasing deceptions cause many of us to encounter the fear behind the prevailing images of humanity’s future. Michael stands with all our strivings towards creating a better world that supports freedom, equality and sibling-hood and unites us with the wisdom, courage, and strength to meet what challenges humanity’s true purpose.

This event will have 6 different 1.5 hour sessions as listed below. The intention is to support live attendance from different time zones for at least 3 sessions at a manageable hour. But you’re welcome to attend as many live sessions as you wish regardless of the time zone. Registrants will receive all 6 recordings for the usual cost of 3 sessions-$60 (AUD)

Friday September 10: Ireland and UK 11am; Sydney 8pm; Perth 6pm Check time zones
Sunday September 12: Ireland and UK 8:30pm; New York 3:30pm; Los Angeles 12:30pm Check time zones

Friday September 17: Ireland and UK 11am; Sydney 8pm; Perth 6pm
Sunday September 19: Ireland and UK 8:30pm; New York 3:30pm; Los Angeles 12:30pm

Friday September 24: Ireland and UK 11am; Sydney 8pm; Perth 6pm
Sunday September 26: Ireland and UK 8:30pm; New York 3:30pm; Los Angeles 12:30pm

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