Live Life Well @ School ~ Unhealthy Snacks

Our school is currently involved in the Live Life Well @ School, which is co-ordinated by Northern NSW Local Health.  We are including a different ‘snippet’ about encouraging a healthy lifestyle in each Bulletin.  Here is the second snippet about healthy ways to live life well ~ Why you should always serve unhealthy snacks in a small bowl.

Live Life Well
It is often said that gaining weight is a simple matter of energy intake being greater than energy we use up. While this notion is certainly correct, it does not account for all the factors that drive one to eat more calories than we need. Take for example the size of a bowl from which you eat your snacks. Could this simple factor play a role in the number of calories you may eat?

Back in 2005, Wansink and Cheney performed a wonderfully simple study and found that when snacks are offered in a large bowl, people take 53% more food (146 extra calories) and eat 56% (142 calories) more than when offered the same amount of food but in a smaller bowl (roughly half the size of large bowl).

Take home message? If you have friends coming over for a party, or you’re making snacks for yourself or your family, try the following: place the healthy snacks in large bowls and the unhealthy ones in small bowls. Theoretically, people should eat more of the healthy snacks and less of the unhealthy ones.