Kindy Rose at home

The children of Rose Kindy have brought the joy of Kindergarten home, baking crunchy buns and apple crumble, collecting seasonal treasures for their just-sewn nature pouches, and slowly stitching their first festival crown, to celebrate the autumn harvest. They have been gently rolling felt apples and bunny eggs in warm soapy water, making wet paintings to then cut and fold into a ball and cup game, and warming and pressing between little fingers beeswax leaves of orange and red to decorate a fallen twig to place upon their homegrown nature table. And they have been doing more besides! As parents, we have discovered a sprinkling of the magic as to why our children emerge from their day at Kindy so content and calm! Thank you to the wonderful Kindy teachers, Jenny, Emily, Lizzie and Christal, for our precious at-home packs.