Kindergarten Rose

As the season slowly emerges into early winter and quite suddenly turns cooler, we have been working together to bring the images of winter into our class. The children have made beanies and are currently making their lanterns. Even the gnomes have made an entrance with beards being created and enacted. The students each day have created a puppet play and we gather together to hear the story so carefully organised by the children and watch as it unfolds. The stories have all been of gnomes and fairies, which fits so snugly into all of the Fairy houses that have been popping up outdoors. Winter songs around the circle and stories of winter have also evolved, threading their way into students play and discussions. The students have created a song which they love to sing throughout the day.
Here it is:

Winter’s coming, winters coming,
Mushrooms coming through.
Can’t you feel the chill in the air,
Each and every day.