The Kindergarten children have just finished creating felted soap and wooden soap holders as gifts. The children have worked for many weeks on rasping, sanding and waxing their pieces of wood. The wood was sourced from the Melaleuca Trees near the Vegetable Garden. The trees were originally planted over ten years ago by students who are no longer at our school. After completing their gifts, the children visited the Melaleuca Trees to gather the paperbark to wrap their gifts. Whilst on our excursion to the trees, Gavin visited and shared his memories of the trees being planted.

We have had several parents visiting on Friday mornings to garden. The children were very keen and enthusiastic to help weed, dig and lay large rocks to shape the garden. Bricks were wheelbarrowed over to the garden and the children helped to bed them into a spiral design in preparation of a sensory garden. Mulch has been added and strawberries planted. The gardening project will continue over the next few Fridays.