It’s Time to Talk About Angels: A Matter of the Heart

By DEBORAH CRAYDON – Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

Angels are real and many children experience them. We’re moving into a time when closer contact with Angels is happening so it’s good to talk about them.

Rudolf Steiner said that by the end of the 20th century, a new stream of children coming to Earth would have what he called ‘the fifth chamber of the heart’ in seed form. This new heart chamber is etheric in nature, not physical. It’s been present since the 1980s in children and before that in many adults. It’s that place in the heart where you know everything. And more and more children know everything. In particular, they know what you’re thinking and if what you say is true or not. Unless they become damaged, this faculty is there because they are using the heart, not the head, as their organ of cognition. This new etheric chamber in the heart contains an opening into the spiritual world. When this gateway opens, the Angels are there on the other side.

The color of this opening is Indigo and leads to the inner spiritual world of Violet. In Violet you connect with the inner altar of the Earth; the Earth becomes a living being for you. This is the threshold that humanity is passing through at this time. Indigo-dyed blue jeans are the most popular clothing and children are sometimes called Indigo. This is why.

This doorway that’s opening between here and there is transparent for many children. Young people into their late twenties and thirties are also keeping this doorway open, although it’s taking an effort due to media interference. There’s resistance as well. Little children happily speak about their experiences with their Angels and invisible companions. Later, young people often recoil from this type of talk. Why is this? What’s wrong with talking about Angels?

The one piece of information that comes easily to the question of why we’re here is that we have free will. We learn right away that we get to decide. If your heart tells you what’s right, and your head or will aren’t interested, you might create what you want, because you have the right to do so. There’s a right and wrong thing to do at any given moment. When listening with your heart, the Angels will tell you what’s right for you at the moment. Fear that this may impede your own personal will or thoughts is part of the resistance to Angels, especially from young people.

It’s very important that this door to the heart stays open. There’s something happening, and with special intensity since 1999, that comes from the Angels. They are seeding humanity with thoughts of universal brotherhood. And they are whispering secrets about who we truly are. This is having the effect for each one of us to begin having real interest in the other person, no matter who they are. Sensing that who we are is beyond what we imagined, this interest in the other is a seed that can take root and grow, when the heart door remains open.

It’s hard not to talk about Angels without mentioning Rudolf Steiner, since he said so much about them. The main thing he said is that we now have to ask for help from the Angelic hierarchies. They can’t help us anymore until we ask. We’re required to become co-creators with the spiritual world. Geoffrey Hodson wrote about this development in his classic book The Brotherhood of Angels and Men.

Lorna Byrne, who has seen Angels since she was a baby, has written two books about them recently: Angels in My Hair, and Stairways to Heaven. She says that she has never seen a single human being who wasn’t accompanied by their guardian Angel. Here’s how you can see them too: Gaze softly about two feet behind a person and you’ll have the impression of what looks like a sword of light about a yard tall, standing from about the mid-back up over the head. This is the guardian Angel in closed form.

One of the greatest tools a parent has is to pray for help to the guardian Angel of their children. When your child gets older, rather than communicating directly; silently asking that your combined Angels bring harmony between you works well, even in seemingly impossible situations. Parents have the right and the obligation to envision the highest good for their children. Unless you have an intuition that something is wrong, striving to envision a perfect outcome for them is more helpful than worry.

Flower essences are natural remedies that are over-lighted by Angels, or Devas of the plant world. They are wonderful tools to help children and young people keep this new door open in the heart. When young people doubt and experience pain, they may become open to this modality. While they may not understand that it will be connecting them to the Angels of flowers, they are grateful when they receive heart-based answers to difficult questions, through their influence.

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