The Loft was created in October 2013 as a private skincare clinic for the dedicated practice of Dr.Hauschka anthroposophically based skin and body treatments.

Tracey is a holistic skin therapist who strives to not only work with the physical aspect of the skin, but with the human being as a Whole. The reverent, nuturing quality that lives within a Dr.Hauschka treatment is held through the therapist to the client. Tracey feels that the space in which she treats her clients allows them to experience beautifully balanced, cleansed and rejuvenated skin, a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace…

“A moment in time full of light and lightness.”
WALA Heilmittel.

The Loft stocks a full range of Dr.Hauschka skin and body care, make up, Sonett anthroposphical cleaning products and Southern Swan Sphagnis, first aid ointments and essences.

Please Contact Tracey Stephan

T: (02) 6684 8298
M: 0419 029 203