PAWsitivity is an Animal Assisted Counselling service for children , young people and their families, which can include the presence of a dog to assist in the counselling process. The service offers an alternative to a traditional counselling session as it does not simply involve talking. Including the dog in the session creates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere where the client we feel understood and accepted. The non-judgemental and unconditional relationship that is formed between the client and the dog can improve social, emotional and behavioural needs of the child.
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? PAWsitivity can help your child to : Understand & manage their feelings; Increase patience; Solve problems on their own; Get along better with friends; Improve group participation; Improve their self confidence; Understand and be aware of their bodies; Manage difficult behaviour, Reduce grief, anxiety and isolation.
SOME OF THE TECHNIQUES USED IN THE SESSIONS INCLUDE: Expressive Art Therapies such as art, music and sand play; Mindfulness; Breathing techniques and Body Awareness.
For further information and or to make an appointment please contact Carolina Cabezas on:
Mob: 0490972217