There are a number of changes to what we will be allowed to put in our kerbside recycling bins, and as it is a service that affects everyone, we are hoping to spread the word.

The reasons for these changes are that China (where most of our recycling goes for manufacturing) recently introduced much tighter restrictions on unsorted/contaminated waste or dirty items going into the recycling stream. We now need our recycling to be simple and CLEAN.

We understand that some of these changes will be disappointing for our community who do the best they can to recycle. We know that these changes might seem like a step backwards, but unfortunately, they are largely out of our control. We are hopeful that through these challenges we will see opportunities for innovation, technology and industry within Australia.

The good news regarding soft plastics recycling is that you can continue to collect them and take them back to Coles and or Woolworths who will recycle them through their RedCycle Program.