Important re RCM

Please submit your green RCM forms to Reception before Friday 14th December at 3.00pm.

Credit is applied at the end of the term. Please note it is your responsibility to keep track of the hours you have done throughout the year.

For further information please refer to the RCM policy and procedure which can be found here.

Below are some tasks that people can do before the end of the year for RCM hours. You can contact Gavin anytime (0427 847 400) & arrange the most appropriate time to do these tasks.

Weed Plant Nursery Maintenance Shed
Clear Vegetation from around Electrical Transformer behind Admin
Weed Long Jump Pit at COLA
Weed & Tidy Gardens at Silky Oak Cottage
Oil (Sikkens HLS Teak) Outside Furniture Silky Oak Cottage
Oil Timber Pole Arch Kindy (Aussie Clear Oil)
Fuel reduction (Remove fallen branches & twigs) top car park & science garden areas Clean Archive & Other Storerooms
Clean Venetian blinds in Staff Office & Maintenance Shed