Important information re First Aid

We try our absolute best to care for our students when they are feeling unwell or injured.

As a gentle reminder may we ask the following of you:

Please make sure your child has breakfast before attending school – it’s quite surprising how many have not had any. We often have students feeling unwell and lightheaded and it seems that once they are reminded to have something to eat and drink, after not having breakfast, they bounce back full of vitality and vigour. Apparently 1 x banana provides 90 minutes of brain-time.

If your child has a pre-existing medical issue, please try to deal with it at home before sending students to school. Or first aid service struggles to mend students if they turn up to school already broken! It’s not a great start to anyone’s day. A good first aid kit at home, with general first aid supplies, is recommended, especially if you favour specific remedies such as homeopathic creams etc.

Your support is appreciated.