Important information for K-6 parents

As we are at the beginning of the school year, it is timely to provide some information about some of our policies and procedures. These have been developed to ensure your child’s experience at the school is safe, harmonious, productive and positive. Your assistance in working with our policies and procedures is very much appreciated.

Dress Code
Our dress code was developed over time, in consultation with teachers and parents. The dress code is fairly straight forward and is designed to allow the children to learn and play freely. You can support your child by ensuring their clothing fits within the guidelines of the code. Click to view our parent information sheet which gives clear information about the dress code for the whole school.

After School Pick-Up
Parents can collect Kindergarten and Class One children directly from the classrooms after school. For children in Classes 2-6, the options are to use the drive-through pick up option in the bottom car park, or to park the car and wait outside the performance hall for the children to walk down from the classrooms. There is ample shade and seating there for parents who would like the chance to chat, though we do ask that you carefully watch younger children during this time as the car park can get very busy. Your assistance in waiting for children at the hall rather than meeting them in classrooms would be very much appreciated as many of our teachers have after-school duties and cannot get to these if they are having to manage pick-ups at the classroom.

Children expend a lot of energy learning and playing at school. We ask that you send nutritious and filling food to school, avoiding lollies, chips and sugary foods and minimising the packaging that comes to school. Click to view our Food policy, which provides further detail about this.

We consider clear communication to be an important part of our relationship with you. In March we will be launching our CBRSS app, which will integrate parent communication, the school calendar, notices from the school and access to the parent portal into one simple app. We will be sharing further information about this at class meetings. In the meantime, click to view a parent information sheet which clearly outlines the different ways to communicate in the school.

Thank you for choosing Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School for your child(ren). We look forward to a productive and enjoyable year with you.

Click to view the Primary School Handbook