House Leaders for 2020

The following students have nominated and completed an application for House Leadership. As part of the process, prospective House Leaders needed to demonstrate that they are committed to the role of leader including; upholding all school guidelines, being positive role models and being excellent peer mentors with younger students.

The following students have had their applications accepted and we congratulate them on their new positions!

Athens – Harper Kelso, Oden Lerner, Phoebe Neumann, Taj Birrell, Josie Huntsman

Crete – Amelie Wright, Zara Pellen, Danielle Shai, Ollie Liebke Pereyra

Olympia – Thibault Walker, Tilka Biason Formale, Pearl Truswell.

Sparta – Bimini Plesser, Tom Pierce, Lucia Bora, Phoebe Flamer Caldera.