High School Swimming Carnival

High School House Swimming Report 2020

Olympia – 770 pts

Athens – 708 pts

Sparta – 703 pts

Crete – 701 pts

What a great day! Even though we had to shorten the program due to a late start created by Telstra and a complete communication outage combined with an accident on Ewingsdale road. Only a few records were broken this year but what a great demonstration of spirit and participation throughout the High School. Olympia finally broke their drought, holding a confident lead throughout the day. The other three houses were so close that their positions almost changed after every event. At the end of the day, only 7 points separated 2nd, 3rd and 4th position.

Congratulations to all students who competed and a special thanks to students who could not swim but assisted throughout the day as time-keepers, scorers and runners.  (These volunteers also scored points for their houses).  More than two thirds of the high school participated in individual events and a special mention needs to be made for the excellent work by all the year 12 leaders in making the day fun and entertaining for all.

There are some outstanding individual performances that need to be mentioned.

New Record Holders-

Manon Pouget yr 9 girls

  • 50m Breastroke 48.56

Tom Pierce yr 12 boys

  • 50m Backstroke – 40.88,

Thibault Walker yr 12 boys

  • 50m Breastroke – 42.28,

Congratulations to all those students who participated and helped your team score points.  A special mention to the following high scorers in each year level.

Year 7     Coco Winchester – 27 points/Zane Walmesley – 32 points

Year 8     Dakota Dennis – 28 points/Happi McMullen – 35 points

Year 9     Manon Pouget – 39 points/Jack Dodds -35 points,

Year 10   Lizzie Kirkpatrick – 30 points/Lenny Dowling – 30 points,

Year 11   Della Knight – 35 points/Dash Pegram-Jones – 30 points,

Year 12   Anais Stewart -Long – 32 points/Taj Birrell – 30pts, Thibault Walker -30points

A special thanks to the house captains and all the year 12’s for their hard work, encouragement and keeping the day fun. To the parents, officials and the staff who assisted on the day.

Steve Richards (Ric)