High School Awards

At the end of each year, the school distributes a number of awards donated by organisations or philanthropists. The whole HS staff decide on the winners of these awards.

The Reuben Scarf award is given to a leaving Year 12 student for perseverance and commitment to achieve. Reuben Scarf was a philanthropist who donates a cash prize to every school (both government and independent) in NSW. This year the award went to Abbie Walden for her demonstrated determination, excellence and commitment to the school. Congratulations!

The Long Tan award is gifted by the Australian Defence Force to every school in Australia at the end of each year to a Year 10 and Year 12 student. The student must demonstrate teamwork, commitment to the local and wider community, leadership and determination to succeed at school. This year the award was gifted to Mia Green in Year 10 for her incredible commitment to her SRC role and fundraising for the wider community. The Year 12 award went to Avryl Hart who similarly was unsurpassed in her leadership amongst her class and her commitment to her studies and representation on behalf of our school in a wide variety of areas.

To give just one example in the past week of Mia and Avryl’s selflessness and commitment….Mia spoke to the whole HS at an assembly last week about her initiative to ensure older people living in aged care facilities in the shire all receive a handmade Christmas card at school to counter the loneliness that many older people experience. Many students are now busy meeting in the art room at lunchtime making these beautiful cards in the last week of school. Avryl decided that she wanted to organise some of the leaving Year 12 to come over to her house and sew little pouches and mittens for injured wildlife and this is what they are doing this week.

We are so very proud of all our students and the leadership shown by some to think about the world outside of their own and initiate positive actions.