Help comfort children with cancer

We’re trying to raise money to help Bryce and his Super Max & Bryce project team of friends and family, to purchase 1,000 Super Max the Turtles so we can give one to every single child diagnosed with cancer in Australia and New Zealand this year (see the project website at ).

This year, Bryce has expanded his goal to include New Zealand because of our partners at ANZCHOG who represent children’s oncologists in both countries (ANZCHOG stands for Australia and New Zealand Children’s Haematology and Oncology Group – they are Australia’s leading team of children’s cancer researchers; they love this project and have committed to being our non profit/registered charitable organisation partner so all donations can go through them and be fully tax deductible; their website is ).

For a brief overview of the Super Max & Bryce project, here is a recent story that aired on the TODAY show last month: (you’ll see that the TODAY video clip has over 86k views and 2.1k likes).

Here is a short “thank you” video Bryce made at the end of our first trip around Australia (it’s only one minute long and you’ll see Oden featured in it):

This is a local project supported by local community members; we couldn’t do it without the support of everyone around us.

This year, we are additionally trying to raise funding to give out 1,000 star covered scarves to the mums of children with cancer and 1,000 star covered socks to the dads. Our organisational partners at Annabel Trends (a local Burleigh Heads company) are producing these at cost for us with unique “Super Max & Bryce” designs and cards. The goal with the scarves and socks is to let ever mum and dad with a child who is battling against cancer know that they are cared for, thought of and connected through the stars wherever they are – connected not only with each other but also with every other family who is going through this unimaginable journey as well as the rest of us who are sending them love and hugs through our donations and support of the project.

Thank you for your consideration and support for this project aimed at spreading love, hope, happiness and comfort to children and families who so desperately need and deserve it.

Cheers, Amy (& Bryce)