Giving Permission for Camps and Excursions

We have a very comprehensive process for planning and running camps and excursions in the school. Each step is carefully planned to ensure we meet all requirements and so that all camps and excursions are appropriately resourced and planned to be safe and engaging for our students. We put a lot of work into making sure that this is so.

The only way to give permission for a camp or excursion, is through the parent portal. We have been working with this system for a couple of years now and it allows us to carefully track who will be attending and to ensure we have the appropriate permissions. It also allows us to ensure we have the first aid supplies appropriate for the particular students attending packed in our first aid kits. The first aid kits must be packed and ready the day before an excursion.

Please note that for the above reasons, permission to attend MUST be given no later than 3pm three school days prior to a camp or 3 pm the day before an excursion. Any student for whom permission has not been given by the deadline will not be able to attend the camp or excursion.

To help you out, we always send reminders prior to the deadline, but the responsibility for giving permission on time does rest with parents and guardians. Also, please make sure you update all medical details when giving permission so that we can be properly informed to look after your child’s needs.